Ultimate Guide to Choosing Packing and Moving Companies

The decision to move, whether a stone's throw away or across the country, is a significant life event that often comes with a laundry list of dreaded to-dos. And right at the top of that list usually sits the task of selecting a reliable packing and moving company. But fear not, this Ultimate Guide is your beacon through the storm of uncertainty, leading you to that one, perfect moving company that will make your transition as smooth as silk.


Picking a packing and moving company is about more than just throwing darts at a Google search results page. It's about entrusting a vital part of your life to a business that can either save the day or turn it into a harrowing saga. In this post, we will explore the various facets of packing and moving services to ensure that you make an informed, stress-free decision.

Researching Packing and Moving Companies

In the golden age of consumerism, information is your most potent weapon. Be a sleuth, and your chances of a successful move double. The first part of your move should involve meticulous research into prospective packing and moving companies.

Online Reviews

Reviews are the modern-day word of mouth. Dig deep into review sites, social media, and local forums to gauge the experiences of past customers. Look for recurring themes – are delays, breakages, or unfriendly service frequent complaints? Conversely, do customers rave about timely operations, problem-solving, or going above and beyond?

Recommendations from Friends or Real Estate Agents

A personal touch is invaluable. Reach out to friends, family, or your real estate agent for their recommendations. These relationships often yield reliable insights into the movers who have consistently delivered positive experiences.

Checking Licenses and Insurance

Fly-by-night operations are a dime a dozen in the moving industry. Ensure the companies you're considering have a viable, up-to-date operating license. Furthermore, verify their insurance policy to protect both you and your possessions in the unlikely event that something goes awry.

Services Offered

Once you've narrowed down the pack, examine the moving companies' suite of services. Many offer more than just getting your boxes from A to B.

Packing Services

For those with busy lifestyles or large amounts of items, packing can be a considerable time-suck. Professional packers not only save you time but often do a better job at protecting your delicate possessions. Evaluate whether full packing, partial packing, or DIY supply options are available.

Moving Options

Different moves require different skills. Some companies specialize in local moves, while others excel in cross-country or international ones. Confirm that the companies you're reviewing are equipped to handle your specific needs.

Storage Facilities

Transitional periods often call for temporary storage solutions. If this is part of your moving plan, inquire about the availability and condition of the moving company's storage facilities. Clean, secure, and climate-controlled units are a must, particularly for long-term storage.

Cost Factors

You've likely heard moving horror stories involving unexpected fees. A key to avoiding these is understanding cost elements upfront.

Factors Influencing Costs

The moving industry standardly considers distance, the number of items, and additional services as primary cost factors. Intrastate moves are often less expensive than interstate ones, which, in turn, cost less than international moves that might call for air or sea transport.

Hidden Fees to Watch Out For

Unfortunately, not all costs will be as transparent as the initial quote. Ask about accessorial charges for long carries, flights of stairs, or specialty items. Unserviceable elevators have a way of creeping up when the final bill is due, so make sure you're fully aware of what might cost extra.

Budget-Friendly Tips

Timing can be everything. Avoid moving during summer or the end of the month to secure lower rates and better availability. Also, a weekend move usually incurs higher costs than a mid-week job.

Customer Experience and Reliability

The essence of a great moving company is rooted in its dedication to customer satisfaction. But how can you gauge this before a move is underway?

Customer Service Reputation

A company's service quality shines brightest when things don't go as planned. Investigate how problems are addressed, and customer service responsiveness. Are they quick to rectify issues or avoid them entirely? Similarly, a good indicator of customer service quality is how the company handled past negative feedback.

Timeliness and Professionalism

Movings are often time-sensitive and come with strict deadlines. The reputation of a company for sticking to schedules and showing professional conduct under stress is critical. A serious player will take punctuality and professionalism seriously and it will reflect in their online presence and reviews.

Handling of Fragile Items

Your heirloom china or an irreplaceable piece of furniture require expert handling. Inquire about the company's track record with fragile items and what measures they have in place to ensure a smooth, hiccup-free transfer for your delicate possessions.

Tips for a Smooth Move

A great moving company is only part of the equation. Your preparation and awareness can slash stress and add smoothness to the process.

Packing Tips

Label all your boxes with the intended rooms of their contents to simplify the unpacking process. Use packing materials suitable to protect the items being moved, and don't skimp on securing your most valuable belongings.

Moving Day Essentials

Water, snacks, a designated safe spot for sensitive documents are moving day essentials that can be easily overlooked. Have a kit prepared to satisfy these needs during the hustle and bustle of your move.

Post-Move Checklist

Save yourself from the post-moving blues by having a checklist of tasks that need to be completed in your new space. Notify the necessary parties about your address change, inspect deliveries, and ensure all utilities are up and running.


The right packing and moving company can turn a once-in-a-lifetime move into a smooth, pleasant experience. By carefully sifting through options, understanding crucial factors like cost and services, and being proactive in your own move, you can ensure the outcome is as delightful as your new home.

Remember, in the world of moving companies, not all players are equal. It's your responsibility to screen and select wisely. And when you do, the chapter of your life that you're packing and moving – no matter how uphill the task seems – can have a happy ending.