Essential Tips for Hiring a Pool Table Moving Company

Relocating can be a daunting task, especially when cherished items like a pool table are part of the move. Pool table owners understand the intrinsic value these pieces of furniture carry — both monetarily and emotionally. This is why, when the time comes to transition homes or simply rearrange the living space, the need for a professional pool table moving company becomes paramount.

This comprehensive guide is designed to help pool table owners, moving enthusiasts, and home improvement aficionados understand why professional assistance is a non-negotiable factor in preserving the integrity of their beloved pool table. We'll explore the ins and outs of making this decision, from the expertise required and costs involved, to the safety measures that should be in place for your peace of mind. Whether you have a standard-size table or a full-sized, tournament-ready behemoth, your pool table deserves the best moving solution available.

Understanding the Need for Professional Assistance

Challenges of Moving a Pool Table

A pool table moving might seem straightforward — it's just a table, right? Wrong. Pool tables are extraordinary weighty, bulky, and delicate. They typically weigh anywhere from 650 to 1,000 pounds due to the heavy slate used for the playing surface. Maneuvering a table this substantial is no simple task; it requires careful planning, physical strength, and, most importantly, knowledge of the item's center of gravity to prevent warping or structural damage.

Risks Associated with DIY Moving

The average person may underestimate the unique challenges a pool table poses during a move. Risking personal injury from lifting, damage to the table or surrounding structures, or even hidden costs that quickly pile up when, for example, realizing the truck rented isn't large enough, are common pitfalls of the uninitiated. DIY moves may save money upfront but could prove much costlier in the long run.

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Pool Table Moving Company

When selecting a company to handle your pool table move, it's about more than just finding the lowest bidder. Here are the essential factors to keep in mind.

Experience and Expertise

Look for a company that specializes in moving pool tables. They should have ample experience and the skills to handle any type of table, from antique to brand new, and everything in between. Be sure to ask how many years they've been in business and if they've handled a move like yours before.

Insurance Coverage and Certifications

A reliable moving company should carry insurance that covers any damage incurred during the move. Also, check if they have certifications from recognized organizations in the moving industry, ensuring they follow best practices and safety standards.

Customer Reviews and Reputation

Before signing any contracts, do your research. Online reviews, personal recommendations, and the company's standing with the Better Business Bureau can offer insight into their reputation. Look for consistency in positive feedback regarding their pool table moving services.

Cost Considerations

Factors Affecting the Cost of Moving a Pool Table

The cost of moving a pool table can range significantly based on various factors such as the size of the table, distance of the move, complexity of disassembly and reassembly, and any additional services required. Larger tables generally cost more to move, as do long-distance moves and those that involve particularly intricate setups in the new location.

Obtaining Quotes and Comparing Services

Gather quotes from multiple moving companies to compare their services and costs. Remember that the cheapest option isn't always the best. Look for value — a fair price for the services offered and the peace of mind that your table will arrive safely.

Safety and Precautions

Proper Disassembly and Reassembly

The moving company should take great care in disassembling your pool table, noting the placement of every screw and slate so that reassembly is as smooth and accurate as possible. Proper disassembly ensures that the integrity of the table remains intact.

Transportation and Handling Precautions

During transportation, your table should be properly secured to prevent shifting, which can cause damage to the slate. Expert movers use specialized equipment like dollies, straps, and blankets to ensure your table is protected at all times.

Aftercare and Warranty

Post-Moving Services and Support

Upon delivery, the moving company should offer post-moving services such as leveling, a key component to the perfect game. Additionally, they should be available to assist with any questions or concerns that arise after the move.

Understanding Warranties and Guarantees

Make sure to read and understand any warranties provided for the move. Reputable companies will stand by their work and offer guarantees that your table will be in the same condition as when it left your old home.

Case Studies and Success Stories

Precision Moves: A Case in Safe and Efficient Relocation

Precision Moves recently relocated a 9-foot pool table across town without a hitch. The team's meticulous planning, specialized equipment usage, and careful handling techniques clearly demonstrated their expertise in the field.

Swift Relocations: A Cross-Country Move a Breeze

Swift Relocations provided a family moving from New York to California with peace of mind. Their comprehensive insurance and post-move support ensured a smooth transition for the customer's cherished family heirloom.

Safe Hands Moving Company: Trusted by the Community

Safe Hands Moving Company showcases a track record of safety and quality in local moves. Multiple customers lauded their attention to detail, transparent pricing, and professional team.

Expert Quotes and Industry Insights

We spoke to reputable pool table moving experts, representatives from the Professional Mover Association, and members of the Local Movers Guild who all echoed the same sentiment — the investment in professional pool table moving services cannot be overstated.


In conclusion, your pool table is more than just a piece of furniture — it's a fixture in your home that has likely witnessed countless memories and is an integral part of your leisure and lifestyle. Trusting it to a professional moving company will not only ensure its safe relocation but also safeguard against the risks and stresses associated with moving such a specialized item. Remember, the true cost of moving your pool table is not the money you spend but the peace of mind you gain by choosing the right service.