Becoming the Next Big Thing: Inside the College Hunks Moving Company

In an age where traditional moving companies often don't resonate with the changing needs and values of consumers, there's a unique player that's risen to the top—College Hunks Moving Company. This innovative service provider has redefined what it means to move, not just in its efficient and professional execution, but also in its commitment to the community and sustainable business practices. Today, we'll take you on a deep-dive into why College Hunks Moving Company isn't just another name in the moving industry, but a trailblazer in more ways than one.


For the uninitiated, the College Hunks Moving Company may sound like a quirky college initiation club rather than a professional moving service. However, this brand, built on the tenets of hard work, innovation, and community spirit, has carved a niche for itself in the competitive realm of moving and junk removal. Founded in 2003 by college buddies Omar Soliman and Nick Friedman, the business has grown from a simple summer gig using a borrowed van to a franchise that spans across the United States.

The company's allure lies in its name; it's derived from the very students who provide the brawn and brains behind the moving process. The founders spotted an opportunity to cater to the needs of customers who wanted a more lively, tech-savvy, and ethical approach to relocation.

History and Founding

The story of College Hunks Moving Company is a classic American tale of friendship, entrepreneurship, and vision. Soliman and Friedman, both still in college during the early 2000s, recognized a gap in the market. They realized that most moving and removal companies focused solely on the transaction, leaving customer satisfaction and community impact by the wayside. With their ambition fueled by the desire to challenge the status quo and redefine the moving experience, they set out to create a business that combined professionalism with a personal touch.

The duo's initial focus was on moving services, but they quickly expanded to include junk removal, donation pickups, and a moving labor program, leading them to the forefront of the moving industry. Their rapid expansion to various regions across the U.S. demonstrated a growing demand for their unique approach, proving not only their business acumen but their understanding of the evolving consumer demographic.

Services Offered

The core of College Hunks Moving Company's service menu is its full-service moving solutions. Whether you're undergoing a local, long-distance, or commercial move, the company offers comprehensive options that cater to diverse requirements. From packing and unpacking to storage facilities, their moving experience is crafted to alleviate the stress often associated with relocating.

Not stopping there, College Hunks also specializes in junk removal—disposing of unwanted items responsibly and efficiently. Through their commitment to environmental sustainability, they aim to reduce the impact of waste on our ecosystems. They even offer labor services, recognizing that sometimes all you need is an extra hand to move items within your home.

Core Values and Mission

The core values that drive College Hunks Moving Company's mission are sacrosanct to its operation. Their mantra is "Move The World," which encompasses not just the physical act of moving but their commitment to move people emotionally and actively contribute to a better world. Their business philosophy is simple—treat every customer's items as if they were their own.

In a sector notorious for lacking ethical standards, College Hunks operates with the highest respect for their customers and their possessions. Sustainable business practices are intertwined in their every move, from using recycled materials for packing to ensuring ethical disposal of unwanted items.

Target Audience Appeal

The aptly named College Hunks Moving Company resonates with a wide range of customers by understanding and fulfilling their unique needs. Their chic approach to moving services, infused with youthful energy, especially appeals to college students and young professionals relocating to new educational or job opportunities. The convenience, affordability, and reliability of their services make them an attractive choice for busy individuals who need to move swiftly and smoothly.

Homeowners also appreciate the security and attention to detail College Hunks provides. Families, particularly those with heavy or specialized mobility needs, find comfort in the company's careful approach to obligation and exceptional customer service.

Success Stories and Testimonials

The College Hunks Moving Company has a plethora of success stories that underscore its appeal to various demographics. One standout is the story of Emily, a college student who, with the help of the company, experienced a seamless and stress-free move off-campus. Their affordability and reliability ensured Emily could focus on her academic transition, rather than worry about the logistics of moving her belongings.

Alex, a young professional, recounts how College Hunks' eco-friendly practices and efficient service made his relocation an environmentally-conscious and convenient experience. And the Jenkins family, homeowners with a significant amount of furniture and valuables, couldn't help but commend the care and professionalism the College Hunks team demonstrated during their cross-town move.


What sets College Hunks Moving Company apart from the competition is their sincere commitment to innovation, the community, and the customer. With an indomitable entrepreneurial spirit and a suite of moving and removal offerings that tick every box, they're poised to become not just the next big thing, but a market leader and trendsetter.

The future looks bright for College Hunks Moving Company, as they continue expanding their reach and adding value to an increasing number of customers. Whether you're a student, a young professional, or a homeowner, the "hunks" have proven that moving doesn't have to be just a labor-intensive task—it can be a transformational, harmonious, and even joyful event.